• FINSERIN (FINSERIN Online Services Pvt. Ltd.) is a social enterprise established in 2019 to fund the unfunded women micro-entrepreneurs
  • Banks are not willing to lend credit to individuals in this segment due to absence of credit history in Credit Bureau reports, loan size (large number of small loans) and high risk due to loan delinquencies
  • Our proprietary algorithm helps measure individual’s credit worthiness and our high-tech loan management platform, integrated with core banking system of partner banks, helps address large numbers of micro borrowers
  • Currently we are sourcing women micro-entrepreneurs to partner banks alongside driving diversification strategies to loop in other financial partners to empower our segment in India at scale

Our Mission

Fund women micro-entrepreneurs to accelerate the grow of their businesses, resulting in creation of large number of sustainable livelihood enterprises and jobs

Our Vision

Promote million millionaires

We make a difference

At FINSERIN, we strive to bring each of our customer’s passion to life by giving them seamless access to credit at their doorstep, evaluating their enterprise model, providing market insights, listening to their needs and acting upon them, outlining enterprise growth opportunities and much more.

To make this happen at scale, we leverage cutting edge technology, top notch credit rating tool, highly motivated team of employees, out of box business model and trusted financial partners.

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